All Over

That was it – that was the last day, all done, just a sleep and I’m coming home.

Quite an eventful day really – dropped off my pack at the hotel then when and had coffee at about 7. A Japanese woman came to talk to me, this is nice I thought, not many are so friendly. Then it became apparent that she was drunk (she said she worked nights) and that she was actually trying to pick me up! So I had a train that I just had to catch.

So I went of the Shibuya area, this is a bit more up market – shops for Amarni, Jimmy Choo, Ralph Lauren (well their the names I recognised). Had a good wander, found another garden and shrine… the one where the Gothlollis hang out . Not many about as they were starting some vintage car event there and I think that had kept them away. So no TV program is complete without such a picture… why should I be different.


1 thought on “All Over

  1. Can’t believe your trip is now over! What a brilliant time you’ve had! I bet you’ll be glad to be back in blighty! But won’t it seem wierd after all the Japanese culture! I loved the pic of you in a kimono! Have you lost more weight??
    love deb

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