I spent last night in Shinjuku because that’s where the capsule hotel was. Left my pack in a station locker and just took the small one when I booked in. Luckily there was a staff guy there who had a few English words. So I worked out how the locker worked (very narrow locker) and went back out.

God! that place is busy on a Friday night. Did the calm aee with the skyscrapers first. You get a grest view from 53rd floor. A shrimp buger… then into the mad area. To be honest compared to my first night I found it a little scary. Not in a worried about my safety scary, but in a “my god I don’t understand what’s going on and there are too many people way”. I even had a couple of different guys come and tout me, one for a topless bar, no idea where the other wanted me to go.

The thing that kept popping into my head was the city from Bladerunner.