The alarm went off in the hotel room and I turned on the TV and there on the news was a report with a caption “Heathrow”. I panicked a bit. But after listening it turned out it was only about data protection for travellers to the USA so I could have breakfast in peace.

I’m checking in – in terminal 3 and boarding at 10:25. No bump to 1st class – but a window seat.

I’m on my way!

Loadsa Yen

Yen banknotes

I’ve now collected my currency and have some Yen. I only have two types of note 5000 and 10,000 (roughly £22.50 and £45.00).

This time next week I’ll be on the plane!

Email Post


Well that’s proved that posting by the “Japan Moby” works. So as long as I can do the same when it’s using DoCoMo in Japan I’ll be away.

What’s new?

Well there’s not a lot new to report. I just wish departure time was here now. I’ve…

  • Ordered the currency
  • Checked train times, 5 hours between Hiroshima and Tokyo!
  • Sorted out one or two pre-packing bits like first aid and toiletries

Should have the “take to Japan” phone Monday or Tuesday so that will need to be set up. I also need to do a bit of work on learning some basic Japanese phrases, especially the numbers.

Schedule Updated

Sun 01-Oct Travel On plane
Mon 02-Oct Arrive 09:35am / Tokyo Amistra Asagaya
Tue 03-Oct Tokyo
Wed 04-Oct Studio Ghibli then Fuji Don’t know yet
Thu 05-Oct Fuji train to Kyoto K’s House
Fri 06-Oct Kyoto
Sat 07-Oct Kyoto
Sun 08-Oct Kyoto train to Takayama Takayama Centoral Hotel
Mon 09-Oct Takayma Festival
Tue 10-Oct Travel to Osen Hotel Yunoshimakan
Wed 11-Oct Travel to Hiroshima Hotel Flex
Thu 12-Oct Memorial & Miyajima
Fri 13-Oct Travel to Tokyo A capsule hotel
Sat 14-Oct Final Shopping Amistra Asagaya
Sun 15-Oct Travel On Plane

Ok, so it’s not that much more detailed, but there are now some links to where I’ll be staying and you’ll notice a couple of unconfirmeds.

On Friday the 13th I’m planning on finding a capsule hotel; well I’m in Tokyo, it’s just got to be done really.

On Wednesday 4th I’ll be in the Fuji area, if the weather is mild I’m still tempted to do a night hike up Fuji-San to watch the dawn from the top. But October is well outside the climbing season (July & August) so I’m not sure what the conditions will be like. So on the other hand I could just find a cheap hostel.

Hmm  a little bit of Google has produced the following quotes…

It is danger especially to climb in winter, from October to May.
For a more “wild” experience I would suggest climbing the mountain in October.
Those wishing to climb Mt. Fuji in the off season face considerable danger…
From October to May, climbing to the summit is highly perilous due to extreme wind and weather conditions and a high risk of avalanches.

Mount Fuji 7th October 2003

So a hostel it is then I think…..


This is where I plan to be, I’ll put more details up here in a couple of days.

Sun 01-Oct Travel
Mon 02-Oct Tokyo
Tue 03-Oct Tokyo
Wed 04-Oct Fuji
Thu 05-Oct Kyoto
Fri 06-Oct Kyoto
Sat 07-Oct Kyoto
Sun 08-Oct Takayama
Mon 09-Oct Takayama
Tue 10-Oct Yunoshimakan in Gero Onsen
Wed 11-Oct Hiroshima
Thu 12-Oct Miyajima
Fri 13-Oct Tokyo
Sat 14-Oct Tokyo
Sun 15-Oct Travel


What’s It For

Why a blog? Well relax, I’m not about to start documenting my life in detail; I’m not aiming for a book deal and I’m not an emo (I’d need to be on myspace for that anyway).

The idea is that I’m going to use this to document my trip to Japan that starts on 1st October. Just in case anyone is interested in where I am and what I’m up to day by day.

With that in mind I’ve been trying to make sure I can post to here in a number of ways.

  1. Sitting at a PC using the standard admin page for when I can find a cyber cafe.
  2. Via email, I can do this for text only posts, so I can add news from anywhere I can mail, including via the moby.
  3. I wanted to use Picture Messaging as well, and there is supposed to be a plugin for that; but can I get my a message from O2 to the MMS server? Nope; so that out but…
  4. I can send a Picture Message to a flickr email address and get it published here on the blog.
  5. I have a wifi PDA that I’m taking with me so I can connect anywhere I can find an access point and there is a nifty little tool called Pocket SharpMT that will allow me to post easily (even if there are some issues with the paths used for uploading images).

One issue that I haven’t solved yet is how to get pictures from my camera (compact flash card) to the PDA (SD/MMC card) for re-sizing and uploading.

A Start

Well finally, after a lot of messing around I’ve decided that WordPress is the blogging tool to use. I did start with b2evolution which has some nice features but also fails to work properly in a few places and has a lack of response in the support forums.

WordPress has the advantage of being widely used so there is a whole raft of themes and plugins, many not compatible with the newest versions it would seem, but there is a lot of choice.