I’m here and at my first hotel. Bloody knackered and a little bit dazed. Passport control took ages and then the train in from the airport took an hour to Tokyo central station. I dumped the backpack in a locker and went wandering. Found the imperial palace (not open to the public) & what I later found out was the edge of Ginza.

By then my legs were complaining so I came and found my hotel for a shower. It’s now 5:30 so I’m about go out again. The Suits and the school uniforms are all true BTW!

4 thoughts on “Phewwww

  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyy, sounds like you’ll need a holiday from your holiday!!!! That’s how I feel when I come to England….cant wait to check in later…thinking of you 😉 …..oh, did I tell ya I like anything that’s free…lol hint* hint*

  2. Glad you arrived safely – following your progress thru Japan with envy! Have you used any Japanese yet?
    ol uniAre f ans are all free! Whassat?


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