An Irish Bar… In Kyoto… Oh come on!

Yes – OK i admit it I spent the evening in an Irish bar. There was a reason, my guide book suggested it as a bar that was frequented by foreigners and Japanese and I did have a conversation (in English although my few words helped) with the bar maid and a japanese guy who works for an American bank who was getting drunker and drunker.

 Result!… that’s what I wanted nightlife to be like.

Wandered back on the other side of the river which (I think) is the old red light district. Nothing much to see but a lot of groups of japanese guys standing outside of resturants doing the “well I don’t want Chinese, you chose last time” type of discussion.

Still no sign of the other three guys that I’m sharing the room with. I may go and crash soon and see who is there in the morning.

BTW – I know we’re a bit short of pictures – I’ll try and get some on line soon.