Beep beep

View from my room

I think I’m the closest I’m ever likely to get to being on another planet! I’m at Yunoshimakan and it is bordering on the surreal! Utterly, utterly amazing!

A porter takes your shoes away on entry and gives you some slippers. Then a maid wheels my luggage to my room. I was literally open mouthed when I saw my room, screens, tatanami mats and on two sides a veranda space with sliding windows. And from those windows a view of the mountain.

More of my room



Then down into the bathroom…. sat on a stool and washed myself and into the indoor bath first…. then (naked I might add) wandered across to the outdoor bath. this was early so I had the place to myself, no chance to do idiotic foreigner things (except forgetting to take my slippers off as I walked into the changing area).

The indoor bath

The outdoor bath

Then dinner… oh my god…. dinner!! Served in my room as I sit cross legged at the low table…. so much, so much variety, I couldn’t tell you what most of it was… but tasty! The staff don’t speak English, I don’t speak Japanese, which just adds to the weirdness. This will seem like a dream tomorrow.

Dinner!Part of Dinner

My head has been bumped on beams and doorways several times.

The maid will be back later to lay out my futon….. In fact as I was writing this they did – two of them in a proffesional display of bed making.

And it’s the way everyone kneels and bows before leaving the room! Very odd for someone brought up on British service.

I think I may dare another evening bath, so what if I make mistakes of etiquette? (OK that concept pains my natural English concept of embarrassment.)

Right now I am a very very very long way from home.

Well there’s nothing like starting your day in an outdoor hot pool watching the mist roll down the mountain valleys. The water is hot; you can’t stay in too long.

And breakfast… well that’s another meal in it’s self. There were even little flame heaters again for the soup and some sort of spicy paste on a leaf.


I’ll soon have to get my western style clothes on again and leave for a day of traveling to Hiroshima.

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  1. Wow! That room and bath look brill! Not sure about the food – it looks so uncooked. Salmon and rice for breakfast.

    Am glad you are having fun – whats with the dress?


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