Green Tea, Fish and Cranes

This morning I got to experience the Tokyo underground in rush hour. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and I certainly didn’t see and “crammers” stuffing people on trains. It was more civilised than London, but little old ladies here can push just as well as those back home.

Asakusa Senso-Ji

Spent the morning in Asakusa looking at the temples and generally wandering around.

A very silly building

Then took the river boat down to Hamarikyu gardens and took green tea in the middle of the lake whilst watching leaping fish and the white crane. Very civilised. Then a walk back through Ginza, successfully negotiated the posting of two post cards in the post office and took in the rather impressive architecture at the Tokyo International Forum (Google it – I can’t upload every picture now).

The Tea House in HamarikyuGreen Tea and a sweet

I also found the statue of Godzilla.

Go! Go! Godzilla!

Right now I’m in the hotel but going to go out for something to eat in a short while.

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