This morning it was off to the station with my pack because today is the first travelling day.

First to Studio Ghibli which was only 4 stops up the line. At Mikita station I managed to stuff the big pack in a locker (just) then it was an easy walk. Was one of first in so got to see the movie (there are more than one type of cat bus) and have a little wander in peace. I know they restrict the numbers but I think everyone was in the gift shop at the same time as me. Bought some goodies but I was limited by the requirement to carry them and price!

Had a bit of a wait for my train and some problems getting the locker door open! But a kind English speaking gentleman helped. I will admit that I am stating to miss conversation!

As l scribble this into the PDA I’m on the train heading towards Mount Fuji. I’n just hoping I can find a room for tonight.

Wow, that was suprising to see! As the two guards walked out of my carriage the stopped, turned round, took their hats off and bowed to the whole carriage.